Small group training


A session with Kath, designed to strengthen and tone both the smaller and larger muscles to give that deep pilates burn!!  This session incorporates small pilates equipment as well as weights and resistance bands.  Suitable for EVERYONE!

RUMBLE with Kath and Beau

Rumble with Beau or Kath is a variety of random circuit classes focused on fitness and strength.  This session mixes things up each week and can be HIT one week and strength and conditioning the next. Suitable for anyone and gets you fit!!

L1FT with Amanda

L1FT workouts involve high repititions (not counted but timed) of relatively low weights, which reduces the chance of injury but still allows you to access the many benefits of resistance training.  L1FT helps build lean muscle (burn more calories!!), protect and strengthen the joints, as well as shape and tone your body. Suitable for absolutely everybody!!

FUNCFIT with Kath

FuncFit (a.k.a. functional fitness) with Kath is a form of exercise that conditions our body through strength, agility and stability movements.  Functional fitness typically uses bodyweight or free weights, rather than machines, as functional training exercises involve using multiple joints and moving in multiple planes - meaning forwards and backwards, from side to side and rotationally.


Conditioning with Cooper is a HIT based session that involves a wide range of functional exerises to help develop endurance, speed and perfomance.  Suitable for ALL fitness levels.

STRENGTH with Cooper

Strength with Cooper is a weights/resistance based session to help improve technique and increase muscular strength.  This session also incorporates functional exercises to assist with the everyday movements.  Suitable for any fitness level.

JUMP START with Ollie

Circuit-based class, focused on building solid foundations for good movement.  Suitable for those new to or returning to regular exercise with options to suit everyone!!

Tone HIT with Leigh-Ann

Level up your cardio, strength and core training using a modern approach to fitness by playing with innovative training techniques.

MetaPWR with Cooper

MetaPWR with Cooper is a 30 minute metabolic resistance workout, combining bodyweight and weighted compound (whole body) exercises with little rest to maximise calorie burn and increases the metabolic rate during and after the workout. Kicks some serious fitness goals.